Welcome to Stockport Advocacy


We are a small, local, independent organisation, supporting local people, who are at risk of social exclusion, to having their voices heard.

Advocacy comes under two umbrella’s.

Statutory Advocacy:-

This is where the local authority have a “duty” to provide you with an advocate- please see  “services” on the menu bar.

Non-Statutory Advocacy:-

This is where you need a supportive voice to walk alongside  through a particular voice. Predominately, this arm of our service is for people who have a learning disability/difficulty or are socially vulnerable- please see “services” on the menu bar.

Thanks to The Henry Smith Charity we can now take referrals for our Non- Statutory work. Please refer to our “Non- statutory” & “Criteria” information


Unfortunately, we are unable to  provide support for benefit enquiries/appeals/completion of forms, or employment tribunals.