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Complaints Procedure

If any person has a concern or complaint regarding an advocate or volunteer supported by, or employee of, Stockport Total Advocacy Trust Ltd. –

  1. a) In the first instance, if they feel able, they should approach the scheme’s coordinators who will seek to resolve the problem to the complainant’s satisfaction informally.

If the person complaining is dissatisfied with the outcome of this or feel they do not want to deal with the coordinators they should-

  1. b) Put their complaint in writing to:


The Chair

Stockport Total Advocacy Trust Ltd.,

48 Middle Hillgate




If the complainant requires support in writing, telephone the chair and assistance will be given.


On receiving such a complaint, the management committee of Stockport Total Advocacy Trust undertake to convene a sub-committee to investigate the matter.  The complainant will receive a written account of the outcome of the investigation within 28 days of receiving the complaint.  Under certain circumstances the management committee may take up to three months to report the outcome.





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