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Privacy, Data Protection Statement

how we use your data:

Stockport Advocacy will record and store information about you and your circumstances, we use this information to plan and deliver person-centred advocacy support. We will treat all information we receive in a way that shows respect to our clients, in-line with the principles set out in the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

  • All information obtained will be relevant to the objective of the service
  • No personal information will be revealed to a third party without gaining your consent. The only time we would breach this promise would be in criminal, national security or danger of harm to self and other situations
  • Your information will be stored on our secure system and securely deleted/destroyed when no longer needed.
  • All records and files will be secured in a safe place
  • All computerised records emails and other information will be protected by password and anti-
  • virus software.
  • Your information will be stored on our secure system for an indefinite period unless you request otherwise.

requests for information

  • You have the right to request to see any information that we hold about you
  • We can refuse a request for information, if we do so the reasons will be explained to you
  • You would need to put your request in writing and we would respond within 40 days. We will not charge for this unless multiple requests are made.


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