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Relevant Person’s Representative (RPR)

Person’s being deprived of their liberty in care homes or hospitals have a statutory right to have a representative to support them to exercise their rights under the Mental Capacity Act. If there are no appropriate, willing or able friends or family to take on this role, then the Supervisory Body must appoint a paid representative.

Stockport Advocacy’s  Paid Relevant Person’s Representatives (PRPR) are qualified advocates who have specialist knowledge of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) legislation.

Our PRPR’s are required by the Act to be independent from the care home or hospital where a person is being deprived of their liberty, as well as the Local Authority and Supervisory Body/DoLS team who are depriving the person of their liberty

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We can act as a PRPR for individuals within Stockport funded by out of area boroughs.
For more information on how to refer and costings please contact us

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